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Siemens winners do LI proud

(L-R) Hewlett High School seniors Allen Shin, 17,

(L-R) Hewlett High School seniors Allen Shin, 17, William Gil, 17 and Jeremy Applebaum, 17, won the team category at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, the site of one of the six regional contests held this month across the country. Credit: handout

Congratulations Jeremy Appelbaum, William Gil, Allen Shin, science research teacher Terrence Bissoondial and the Hewlett community.

News of the students' extraordinary achievement Tuesday in the prestigious Siemens Foundation competition in math and science -- first place in the team category for research on a tumor-suppressing protein found in plants that has the potential for fighting cancer -- does the region proud.

And the fact that most of the work was done using a local high school's facilities makes it even sweeter.

Nassau and Suffolk needed a chance for celebration as we continue recovering from superstorm Sandy's damage.

Recognition of the students' hard work -- "COP1 Arrests Photomorphogenesis in Dark Grown Gametophytes of Ceratopteris richardii; A Study of COP1 in Cryptogams" -- brings a needed smile.

"We were impressed by the enthusiasm of the students and by the fact that they carried out their research entirely with the resources available at their high school laboratory," competition judge Hanjo Hellmann, an assistant professor at the School of Biological Sciences at Washington State University said Tuesday.

We're impressed too.

The region has a tradition of producing high-caliber students, who, with high-caliber teachers -- and the all-important support of the community -- produce high-caliber scientific research.

Way to go students; way to go George W. Hewlett High School, way to go Long Island.

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