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Long Beach 'swatting' prank stupid -- and criminal

About 60 police officers and emergency responders swarmed

About 60 police officers and emergency responders swarmed around a Long Beach home on April 22, 2014, girded for a multiple shooting, hostage and barricade crisis -- except it turned out to be a revenge hoax against a video game fan, authorities said. Credit: Jim Staubitser

Some people are just idiots.

I can give you a dozen other explanations -- the adrenaline of hard competition, the numbing isolation of video games, the emasculating heartbreak of unexpected defeat. Those things may all have played a role in last week's Long Beach "swatting" incident. But some people are idiots just the same.

There is nothing new about adolescent pranks, of course. They've been a part of growing up since the days of ring-and-run and pizza orders to unsuspecting families. But when the gag involves calling the local police, claiming you've shot two people and plan on shooting others -- when you identify yourself as the person who just beat you in an especially spirited "Call of Duty" marathon -- I'm sorry. The best psychologists and sociologists have nothing to add.

Bad things happen. We seek explanation. This is a worthy instinct in the main. How will we ever avoid future calamities unless we understand them?

But if someone alert enough to hold his own at "Call of Duty" doesn't grasp why he shouldn't Skype 70 emergency responders to a phony hostage drama at a quiet suburban home, there is nothing to be done but arrest the joker and prosecute him hard.

"We do have some leads," Long Beach Police Commissioner Michael Tangney told me. "The FBI has been kind enough to join the investigation. We are optimistic we're gonna track the person down, and he's gonna be prosecuted. If someone else tries it, we'll find them, too."

Clear enough, idiot?


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