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Peninsula Boulevard road markings to be restored

Mara Jacobowitz stands on Peninsula Boulevard just off

Mara Jacobowitz stands on Peninsula Boulevard just off of Merrick Road, where cars must merge left because of the road narrowing with no street lines to guide the motorist safely in Lynbrook. (March 14, 2013) Credit: Newsday / J. Conrad Williams, Jr.

It's been over a year since I contacted Nassau County regarding the faded road markings on Peninsula Boulevard near the intersection with Merrick Road in Lynbrook. The markings have all but disappeared, making it difficult to see the lanes, especially in the dark. I understand many of the public works departments on Long Island were busy in the aftermath of superstorm Sandy, but I'd like to know if and when these markings will be maintained.

-- Mara Jacobowitz, Valley Stream

We're pleased to tell you that a paint job is coming soon to Peninsula Boulevard, Mrs. Jacobowitz.

The road lines and other markings on Peninsula will be repainted this month on a roughly one-mile stretch from Merrick Road to Rockaway Avenue, Mike Martino, spokesman for Nassau County's Public Works Department, told us.

The work was on the county's to-do list before we made an inquiry, he said.

"This location was already scheduled to be repainted in mid-April when the winter weather leaves the region and the county's road improvement program resumes," Martino said in an emailed statement.

Jacobowitz told us that she originally contacted the county in late 2011, when the lines were already faded. Martino told us that the most recent painting was done last year and added that the county generally paints new traffic lines on main roads every 12 to 18 months.

Jacobowitz said that explanation doesn't jibe with her experience. "It's impossible," she said. "I was watching it the whole year and they never painted it."

Readers with concerns about maintenance on Nassau County roads should contact the county's Public Works Department at 516-571-6900.


Court complex monument's an eyesore

The concrete monument at the northeast corner of the federal courthouse in Central Islip was struck by an out-of-control vehicle about a year ago, and since then it has been surrounded by fencing and yellow tape. For the residents of the Courthouse Commons, the community facing this monument, it is a continual eyesore. We would like to enlist your help in finding out what the plans are to repair or replace this monument, and when we can expect that to be done.

-- Martha Schary, Central Islip

The long wait for removal of the debris appears to be nearing an end now that funding has become available.

Suffolk County is responsible for the monument but couldn't take action until an insurance claim for the damage was paid, county spokeswoman Vanessa Baird-Streeter told us. The county recently received $10,000 for the claim.

The county's financial predicament -- it's operating at a deficit -- means no other funds are available for the work, she said, so the Department of Public Works is planning a demolition and replacement using only the insurance payment.

That means the new structure will not have the size and mass of the original but instead will resemble signs at other county buildings, she said.

The damaged monument, which marked one entrance to the Cohalan Courthouse Complex, bore the Suffolk County seal on one side and, on another, the name of the late Appellate Division Justice John P. Cohalan Jr., to whom the complex was dedicated when it opened in 1993. (A similar monument is at the northwest entrance.) Cohalan also had served as Islip Town supervisor.

As for when the work will be done: "In a short time frame we will have a plan," Baird-Streeter said. She couldn't offer specifics.

The four-building county complex and the adjacent federal courthouse, which opened in 2000, occupy land of the former Central Islip Psychiatric Center.

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