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Perceived labels that no longer fit reality

Parade-goers watch the 251st St. Patrick's Day Parade

Parade-goers watch the 251st St. Patrick's Day Parade make its way up Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. (March 17, 2012) Credit: Getty Images

It's all in the labeling sometimes.

Is St. Patrick's Day a "drunkfest" or a "sober family holiday"? As always, that depends on who's being asked. Police across Long Island certainly have a view. They've set up breathalyzer checkpoints at many of the major intersections. The Long Island Rail Road added cars and cut the booze.

Erin go blah!

Pro football's expensive, you say? Well, the Jets are lowering some ticket prices. Babies are born in hospitals? Not always. One popped out on the side of the Seaford-Oyster Bay Expressway after a very nervous expectant father made a very bad turn.

Label that a huge surprise.

Even Bruno the Rottweiler got a labeling makeover that no one could possibly have anticipated. He went from being a "strong and sometimes stubborn" dog to "the last dog left at the Sandy emergency shelter." Suddenly, he was Long Island's pooch célèbre. On the strength of that alone, he shot to the top of the pet-adoption list and will surely be fetching someone's slippers in no time.

What will they try to tell us next? That the new pope is a Jesuit from Argentina? That's as crazy as a college dean on drugs. Oh, wait.

Suffolk Community's Robert Beodeker denies it. But he's now charged with drugged driving and aggravated vehicular manslaughter after a crash that claimed two lives on the Meadowbrook State Parkway.

A bad label all around.


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THE NEWS IN SONG: I wish to Christ I'd stayed home last night: Black 47, "Livin' in America,"


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