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Political blame game sees the boomerang effect

Nobody's happy. And all the options stink.

That, right there, pretty much sums up the public mood around here when it comes to politics and government.

Taxes are too high. Opportunities are too few. Everything's too expensive. And nothing is likely to improve.

Welcome to Grumpy Island! When did everyone get so pessimistic? Isn't the economy actually starting to brighten a bit?

If there was any doubt about this rising tide of dissatisfaction, it was fully dispelled by the Newsday/News 12 Long Island/Hofstra University poll. Pity the poor survey-takers! Almost every question they asked was greeted with a surly response!

How satisfied are you with how things are going in the country? Seventy percent dissatisfied.

The state? Seventy-four percent dissatisfied.

Which political party would do the best job making things better? Democrats? Republicans? It was "no difference" by a mile!

And when the questioning turned to the real-life Long Island challenges, such as school funding at a tight financial time - well, no one seemed at all inclined to accept anything less. People are solidly opposed to increasing class size, cutting programs, laying off teachers and, of course, raising taxes.

It's tempting to blame pandering politicians and flabby bureaucrats, and no doubt they have their maddening failings.

But don't we also deserve some blame?

If our only response is to hate the people we vote for, grumble at what they do and refuse to make hard choices - maybe the old expression has never been more true:

We really do get the government we deserve.

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