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Cops: Text message leads to attack

Why don't you come over?

That's what a Central Islip man is accused of writing in a phony text message to a friend he suspected of trying to steal his girlfriend.

When the man responded by arriving at the home, police say the suspect surprised him with an assault that sent him to the hospital.The alleged attack by Terence Colay, 37, on Frederick Emmanuel, 40, a friend who also knew Colay's live-in girlfriend, began with a text message sent from the girlfriend's phone.

It said, in essence, "my husband is at work tonight, why don't you come over?" according to a law enforcement source. Emmanuel later told police the door was unlocked when he arrived at the couple's Central Islip home. Colay denies he lured Emmanuel with a text message, his lawyer said.

In her statement to a Suffolk detective, the girlfriend stated that she'd argued with Colay about her relationship with Emmanuel, and that Colay had her phone and had read messages between the two before the alleged attack.

The girlfriend told police Colay had learned that Emmanuel had told her that Colay didn't love her anymore.

On the night of Jan. 13, after falling asleep on the couch, she said Emmanuel awoke her with a tap on the shoulder. "I was shocked Frederick was in my house," she said. After Colay confronted Emmanuel, "Frederick did not even get a chance to answer and Terence attacked him," she said.

Colay used a crow bar, a table, and "anything he could get his hands on" to beat Emmanuel, according to the statement. Emmanuel was hospitalized and required stitches.

Colay's attorney, Matthew Tuohy of Smithtown, acknowledged Emmanuel and Colay's girlfriend traded messages and that Colay believed Emmanuel came to the house to "establish a romance." But Tuohy said his client denied luring his friend into a trap and fought with him because he was angry Emmanuel entered uninvited. "It's an issue of self-defense," Tuohy said.

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