Members of the South Richmond Hill community gathered at Bergen Funeral Service Inc. Thursday to remember Peter Kanhai, 18, one of the four victims in a car crash on Long Island Monday morning.

Family and friends of the Guyanese teen stood and sat in little groups inside near the coffin, surrounded by flowers, remembering his life and those of his three deceased friends.

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"All he wanted to do was live his life. He was never the type to to fight. . . . He just wanted to get along with you," said Gurmeat Kumar, a friend from the neighborhood who said that they grew up together. "No one can believe he's gone."

Many friends remembered Kanhai just like they remembered his friend Christopher Khan, another victim of the crash: always smiling. "Peter didn't look like that," said a high school friend who didn't want his name used, referring to the body in the coffin. "His mouth was never closed like that. He was always smiling. It's like wanted to be on TV."

Immediate family members declined to be interviewed.

There was no ill will toward the surviving driver, Joseph Beer among those who attended the funeral. Kumar said that Beer had driven him before, without any problems.

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"A lot of people want to blame Joseph right now," said Sanje, one of Kanhai's friends who didn't want to give his last name. "But he could have died, too."