Two Brooklyn teenagers were arrested twice on Saturday — still dressed in their orange jail jumpsuits when they tried to carry off plastic lawn furniture in Hempstead Village and a rock was thrown at a homeowner, authorities said.

The day started early for Stephen Forde, 16, and Jamie Nichols, 18, who were among five people who smoked synthetic marijuana, then “destroyed” the coffee concession stand inside the Floral Park Long Island Rail Road station about 3:30 a.m. Saturday, according to an MTA police source.

They broke Snapple and Starbucks bottles, stole candy and other items, then ran from MTA officers, the source said.

“They tore their clothing running from us and falling on the platform,” the MTA police source said.

After being arraigned on burglary, criminal mischief and criminal trespass charges, Forde, Nichols and another man left First District Court in Hempstead wearing police-issued jumpsuits because their clothes were too ripped to wear, authorities said.

The three walked to Moore Street, where the 16-year-old grabbed a plastic bench from a homeowner’s yard, Hempstead Village police said. The homeowner shouted at the youths and ran after them, police said.

“I guess to stop him, they threw a football-sized rock at him,” said one officer in the case. “The victim avoided it.”

Then a neighbor with a cellphone shouted that he was going to call cops, and Forde grabbed the phone from him, police said.

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The three youths ran about a quarter-mile into Garden City, where their orange jumpsuits were not hard to miss, said Hempstead police Lt. Paul Johnson.

The three ran when they saw the patrol officers, then stopped and were arrested, authorities said.

Forde, who was charged as an adult, police said, is scheduled to be arraigned Sunday in Village Court on additional charges of fourth-degree grand larceny, fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon and other charges.

Nichols is scheduled to be arraigned on criminal possession of stolen property. The third youth was not arrested.