A federal judge in Manhattan on Tuesday postponed the sentencing of one-time Long Island banana mogul Thomas Hoey Jr. for stealing worker retirement money, saying he wants to hear testimony from Hoey’s father, a participant in the retirement plan.

Hoey was convicted of taking $763,000 from profit-sharing accounts at now-defunct Long Island Banana Co. Prosecutors want him to do 7 years in prison, on top of a 12-1/2 year federal term he is serving for drug distribution and a 1-1/3 to 4 year state sentence for assaulting his girlfriend.

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U.S. District Judge Paul Engelmayer said federal sentencing guidelines would be affected by Hoey’s claim that former owner Thomas Hoey Sr., whose vested portion was $286,000, okayed withdrawal of his funds, but said the father must testify under oath.

Hoey Sr. left the company years ago for health reasons, and said in a letter to the judge that he had suffered a stroke and needed triple-bypass heart surgery. Engelmayer scheduled his testimony, followed by the sentencing, for July 25.

Hoey’s lawyer Dominic Amorosa has asked for a sentence to run concurrent with existing sentences, so that Hoey doesn’t have to do additional time.

He has argued Hoey’s judgment was impaired by the death of a woman who overdosed on cocaine during a sex party he hosted, that led to Hoey’s drug conviction. Amorosa also says the money was used to try to rescue Long Island Banana.

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Prosecutors say Hoey deserves no sympathy for his role in a woman’s death, and that the worker money he took subsidized a flashy lifestyle for him, his family and his girlfriend.