The former federal correction officer from Huntington Station who intentionally became pregnant by convicted cop killer Ronell Wilson has had the custodial rights of her infant son reduced after a family court judge found she neglected the child repeatedly.

Nancy Gonzalez, 29, admitted "to going on an alcohol and cocaine binge" while about eight months pregnant with son Justus, and has placed him "at risk of physical, mental, and emotional harm" while intoxicated several times, Suffolk County Family Court Judge David Freundlich ruled in a Nov. 6 decision.

Wilson awaits execution in the slayings of NYPD detectives James Nemorin of Baldwin Harbor and Rodney Andrews of Middle Village.

Gonzalez admitted to a therapist that she drove intoxicated with her son in the car and on one occasion "admitted to being intoxicated to the point of driving on the wrong side of the road, as she 'blacked out,' " the ruling said.

The ruling described Gonzalez's criminal acts as "egregious . . . that she conceived the child with the knowledge that he would be neglected and left to suffer emotional hardship and stigmatization."

Gonzalez's lawyer Michael Alber said Justus is in the care of one of Gonzalez's relatives and that she has visitation with the child through Suffolk County Child Protective Services. A representative from CPS was not immediately available.

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"The child was largely well cared for, well fed, and that the child was not in any imminent risk or danger," Alber said. "Additionally, the evidence . . . was largely based on therapy notes, which the evidence showed was uncorroborated, and therefore it was our position that it was insufficient to maintain any case of neglect."

Alber said "there was no positive toxicology during the course of her therapy for alcohol or drugs . . . she was not arrested for driving while intoxicated."

Alber said he plans to file an appeal of the decision soon. Attempts to reach Gonzalez's family were not successful.