An off-duty NYPD cop and the son of a purse-snatching victim tackled an alleged robber in a parking lot Saturday night and helped police apprehend him, authorities said.

Michael Burden, 38, of Holbrook and a second man who, police say, was also involved in the theft, John Giangaspro, 25, of Patchogue were charged with robbery and attempted robbery and were scheduled to be arraigned Sunday at First District Court in Central Islip.

The two were also charged with committing several other robberies and attempted robberies Friday and Saturday, police said.

The suspects were arrested about 4 p.m. Saturday after police said they stole a woman’s handbag in the Staples parking lot at 380 Sunrise Hwy. in Patchogue.

The son of the victim chased Burden through the parking lot and tackled him. An off-duty NYPD detective, Brian DePalo, saw the robbery and subsequent chase and helped capture Burden, police said.

Police said that during the chase, Giangaspro fled in a vehicle but was found a short time later on Hospital Road in East Patchogue by Fifth Squad detectives and taken into custody.

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Police said the two are also charged with the following crimes:

  • On Sept. 16, 8:05 p.m.: Giangaspro threatened the use of a weapon and robbed the Beer and Smoke convenience store, 25 Sills Rd., East Patchogue.
  • On Sept. 16, 10:12 p.m.: Burden and Giangaspro threatened the use of a weapon and attempted to rob the Swan Deli, 15 S. Country Rd., East Patchogue.
  • On Sept. 16, 10:37 p.m.: Burden and Giangaspro stole a women’s pocketbook in front of Laundry Kingdom, 1909 Rte. 112, Medford.
  • On Sept. 17, 6:15 a.m.: Burden threatened the use of a weapon and robbed a CVS, 305 Main St., Holbrook.
  • On Sept. 17, 3:30 p.m. Burden and Giangaspro robbed Kim’s Costume Jewelry Store, 5801 Sunrise Hwy., Holbrook, and then stole a women’s pocketbook.