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Transcript of 911 call in Parente case

911: Baltimore County 911.

Caller: Yes ma'am, um, I'm calling from the Sheraton Baltimore North.

911: Yes, sir.

Caller: We have a dead body in one of our rooms, ma'am.

911: OK, I can help you, let me take some information so we can go ahead and get some help out there.What's the address?

Caller: The address is 903 Dulaney Valley Road.

911: The Sheraton hotel, correct?

Caller: That's correct.

911: OK, 903 Dulaney Valley Road, off of Fairmount Avenue?

Caller: That's correct.

911: What room number?

Caller: 1029

911: And your name sir?

Caller: My name is (redacted).

911: And you work there, sir?

Caller: Yes ma'am, I do.

911: And the phone number you're calling us from?

Caller: I'm calling from my cell phone (redacted)

911: Ok, and do you know if it's a male or a female?

Caller: It's a male.

911: And, but they're definitely beyond help?

Caller: Um yes, ma'am.

911: Any idea how this might have happened?

Caller: I don't know, I'm not going further into the room than what I just saw on the floor in the entrance.

911: OK, I want to let you know that we have already sent a call for police, fire and ambulance, should be on the way up there. If you do find any more information and we're not out, just give us a call back in. If you don't want to go in the room, definitely don't. You don't have to, sir. They'll be there as soon as they can to help you.

Caller: Thank you, ma'am.

911: All right, bye bye.


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