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DEC finalizes regulations that prohibit crossbow hunting in Nassau, Suffolk

Hunting big and small game with a crossbow is allowed -- but not on Long Island -- under the state's new hunting regulations, a state agency said Wednesday.

The Department of Environmental Conservation adopted final regulation changes, allowing the crossbow as a legal implement for the fall 2014 hunting seasons, Commissioner Joe Martens said in a news release.

The new state law allows hunting with a crossbow under certain conditions.

"Crossbow hunting is growing across the country and the new law expands the opportunities for hunters to use crossbows when hunting in New York," Martens said in the release.

Only the weapon will not be allowed for hunting in Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester counties, the agency's release said. Deer hunting is not allowed in Nassau County.

Other restrictions include:

Crossbows may be used only by licensees who are 14 years of age or older.

With landowner permission, crossbows may be discharged within 250 feet of a home, school building or playground, public structure, farm structure in use, or occupied factory or church.

A crossbow may not be possessed in or on a motor vehicle unless it is uncocked.

The new law also defines the elements of a crossbow, including dimensions and structural specifications.

Details of the final regulations are in the Aug. 27 publication of the state Register and on DEC's website.

A general summary of the law is at

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