LONG BEACH - Gov. Andrew Cuomo has ordered LIPA to bear the cost of raising utility poles following Superstorm Sandy.

Long Beach resident Sam Kinsley says LIPA representatives recently went door-to-door in her neighborhood, demanding money to pay for new, taller utility poles and wires to accommodate homes that must be raised.

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The Long Beach City Council fired off a protest letter to Cuomo and then said this morning that LIPA has been ordered not to burden storm victims.

"LIPA is sensitive to those residents in Long Beach who suffered greatly in the aftermath of Sandy," LIPA spokesman Mark Gross says. "Once the City of Long Beach identified and communicated those newly designated flood areas in which homes need to be raised, LIPA and the state responded quickly with a plan to cover the utility costs of elevating and relocating utility poles associated with the floodplain designation."

Money to pay for installations will now come from FEMA emergency infrastructure repair funds that were granted by Congress earlier this year.