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What's the best app for storing your passwords?

The Dashlane app stores your passwords and encrypts

The Dashlane app stores your passwords and encrypts them in your smartphone or tablet. Credit: Dashlane

As password programs go, Dashlane has a lot going for it compared to competitors like Keeper. Dashlane will generate complex passwords, remember them and store sign-on fields as they’re typed.

Like Dashlane, Keeper will remember user names and passwords, but it takes a bit more effort to record the passwords and actually fill in the fields, and it doesn’t always work. With Dashlane, you enter your password once per bootup. Keeper requires a master password each time Microsoft Edge (the browser it supports) is launched. Both support second-factor authorization using devices like YubiKey, a tiny USB stick that’s programmed easily on a PC or Mac. The master password is entered, followed by inserting the YubiKey.

When Dashlane works, it’s excellent. When a problem occurs, be prepared. Dashlane’s tech support — offered by email and chat only — can be problematic. Perhaps there’s a language issue, but the technicians have difficulty understanding reports, for example, like when the master sign-on doesn’t work. That problem took about a week of back-and-forth with technicians — third-level support wasn’t much better than primary support. At one point it took submitting a photo and driver’s license along with a string of numbers to help recover the working master password.

Using Keeper during the interim was a hassle that called for inserting all sign-ons.

Most password programs — including LastPass, KeePass and Sticky Password — have free versions. It pays to try them out and see which one is the best fit for your needs.


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