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Long Island's middle class shrinks

Using Census data, the Long Island Association's Research Institute studied the median income of households on Long Island, splitting them up into five groups. The poor households are considered those making less than half of the median income, the wealthy are those making more than 200 percent of the median, and the three groups in between are the middle class. Here's how the percentages worked out:

Households by income bracket and county

Nassau 1990Suffolk 1990Long Island 1990
Less than 50% of median91,12588,754179,879
51% to 100% of median125,565114,519240,083
101% to 150% of median111,136122,586233,722
151% to 200% of median45,80052,95998,759
More than 200% of median57,52345,806103,329
Total households431,149424,624855,772
Nassau 2000Suffolk 2000Long Island 2000
Less than 50% of median105,342105,834211,176
51% to 100% of median103,819127,400231,219
101% to 150% of median115,114115,942231,056
151% to 200% of median37,13462,64899,782
More than 200% of median78,34460,702139,045
Total households439,753472,526912,278
Nassau 2014Suffolk 2014Long Island 2014
Less than 50% of median108,248119,666227,914
51% to 100% of median108,165128,530236,695
101% to 150% of median73,942106,871180,813
151% to 200% of median69,28152,994122,275
More than 200% of median80,53285,227165,758
Total households440,168493,287933,455

What has the median income on Long Island been?

Read more about the middle class decline from Newsday's James T. Madore.

Interactive charts via amCharts


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