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Long Island unemployment rates

Long Island's unemployment rate for May 2019 was 3.2 percent, down 0.1 percentage points from a year ago, the state Department of Labor reports. The rate in the village of Freeport was 3.5 percent, down 0.4 percentage points. The rate in Lindenhurst also declined 0.4 percentage points, to 2.9 percent. The only Long Island community to see a rise in the rate was Valley Stream, where it increased 0.3 percentage points to 3.8 percent.

The chart shows May rates for 2019 and 2018 and the table below gives details. Rates are not seasonally adjusted. This database was posted on June 25, 2019.

Local jobless rates for May

Details on the local rates

Figures are rounded

May 2019EmployedUnemployedRate (%)
Nassau County690,70022,2003.1
  Glen Cove City13,8004003.0
  Hempstead Town392,70013,2003.2
  Hempstead Village26,8001,0003.7
  Long Beach City19,4006002.9
  No. Hempstead Town112,1003,4002.9
  Oyster Bay Town152,7004,7003.0
  Rockville Centre12,2004003.2
  Valley Stream19,2008003.8
Suffolk County755,90024,9003.2
  Babylon Town108,2003,9003.5
  Brookhaven Town246,8008,0003.2
  Huntington Town101,9003,2003.0
  Islip Town173,5005,7003.2
  Riverhead Town15,6005003.4
  Smithtown Town58,5001,8003.1
  Southampton Town28,5009003.1
New York City3,911,900171,1004.2
New York State9,178,200360,8003.8
April 2019EmployedUnemployedRate (%)
Nassau County687,90020,7002.9
  Glen Cove City13,8004003.0
  Hempstead Town391,10012,3003.0
  Hempstead Village26,7001,0003.7
  Long Beach City19,3005002.7
  No. Hempstead Town111,6003,1002.7
  Oyster Bay Town152,1004,3002.8
  Rockville Centre12,1004002.8
  Valley Stream19,1007003.4
Suffolk County753,00024,0003.1
  Babylon Town107,8003,6003.2
  Brookhaven Town245,8007,7003.0
  Huntington Town101,5002,9002.8
  Islip Town172,8005,3003.0
  Riverhead Town15,6006003.7
  Smithtown Town58,3001,7002.8
  Southampton Town28,3001,1003.9
New York City3,941,100151,6003.7
New York State9,203,200339,3003.6
May 2018EmployedUnemployedRate (%)
Nassau County687,60023,2003.3
  Glen Cove City13,8004003.0
  Hempstead Town390,90013,7003.4
  Hempstead Village26,7001,1003.9
  Long Beach City19,3006003.1
  No. Hempstead Town111,6003,5003.1
  Oyster Bay Town152,0004,9003.1
  Rockville Centre12,1004003.2
  Valley Stream19,1007003.5
Suffolk County751,90026,6003.4
  Babylon Town107,6004,2003.8
  Brookhaven Town245,5008,6003.4
  Huntington Town101,3003,2003.1
  Islip Town172,6006,1003.4
  Riverhead Town15,5006003.7
  Smithtown Town58,2001,9003.2
  Southampton Town28,3001,0003.5
New York City3,945,700148,8003.6
New York State9,186,100350,1003.7