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What's up on Surf Road

In the wake of superstorm Sandy, 12 homes on Surf Road in Lindenhurst were acquired by the New York Rising housing recovery program; one year ago, 10 were auctioned off and two were designated for affordable housing. Four years after the storm, only one is nearly ready for occupancy. This map was posted in October 2016.

AddressRe-sale purchase priceRe-sale closing dateStatus
5 Surf Rd.$175,000 6/15/2016Application for raising submitted 8/18/16 to the building department
15 Surf Rd.$130,000 2/17/2016Building permit issued & picked up for demo of dwelling on 4/13/16
25 Surf Rd.$180,000 1/25/2016No building permit application yet
37 Surf Rd.$130,000 1/21/2016Building permit issued & picked up on 8/2/16
39 Surf Rd.$75,000 1/5/2016No building permit application yet
61 Surf Rd.$0 7/19/2016No building permit application yet
75 Surf Rd.$145,000 2/25/2016Cancelled inspection on 7/12/13, no BP issued yet
90 Surf Rd.$0 7/19/2016No building permit application yet
99 Surf Rd.$135,000 2/29/2016No building permit application yet
102 Surf Rd.$105,000 1/7/2016Zoning Board of Appeals approved & in Architectural Review on 8/16/16
110 Surf Rd.$150,000 7/29/2015Construction completed. Full title vested in new owner
116 Surf Rd.$200,000 1/25/2016No building permit application yet

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