Three North Shore shellfishing areas will be temporarily closed starting Saturday, the state Department of Environmental Conservation said.

The closures -- ordered each year at this time -- protect the public from potentially contaminated shellfish associated with increased boating activity over the Labor Day holiday weekend, the agency said.

The areas include 445 acres in a section of Oyster Bay Harbor; 50 acres in the cove known as the Sand Hole in the Village of Lloyd Harbor; and 347 acres in northern Port Jefferson Harbor in Brookhaven Town.

Boaters are urged to respect no-discharge zones in those areas and to use pump-out facilities.

The closure extends to Thursday, but the DEC said it could be lifted earlier if the number of boaters is lower than usual.

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The state also routinely closes the areas to shellfish harvesting over the Fourth of July holiday.

A recorded message about temporary closures and the reopenings of any shellfishing areas in New York State is at 631-444-0480.