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Decision soon on last secret warrant in Yale slaying

A judge in New Haven will decide within two weeks whether to unseal the final secret warrant in the case of a man accused of slaying Yale student Annie Le, according to a court spokeswoman Wednesday.

Earlier warrants unsealed in the case have graphically described the state's evidence against the man, Yale lab technician Raymond J. Clark III.

Clark, 25, is charged with murder and has pleaded not guilty.

Authorities have provided no direct motive for the killing, but DNA and other circumstantial evidence such as blood, key card swipes and Clark's suspicious behavior have linked him to the killing, according to warrants previously made public.

On Sept. 8, days before Le was to be married to a Huntington man in Syosset, the 24-year-old Placerville, Calif., native disappeared from the lab where she and Clark worked.

On Sept. 13, what would have been her wedding day, Le's body was discovered in the lab building, stuffed in a wall behind a toilet.

A green pen Clark reportedly used to sign into work the day of the killing was found under her body, according to the unsealed warrants.

Clark chose to skip the hearing at Superior Court Wednesday, one of Clark's public defenders, Joseph Lopez, told The Yale Daily News. Clark is jailed on $3 million bond at the high-security MacDougall-Walker Correctional Institution in South Suffield, Conn.

In unsealing previous warrants, Judge Roland Fasano blacked out some portions to protect the privacy of Le's family and Clark's right to a fair trial, the court has said.

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