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Deebot R95 robotic vacuum cleaner pricey but does the job

The Deebot R95 robotic vacuum cleaner navigates a

The Deebot R95 robotic vacuum cleaner navigates a floor plan that you set up through an app. Credit: Ecovacs

NAME Deebot R95 robotic vacuum cleaner

WHAT IT DOES With the press of a button, it cleans your floors and carpets.

COST $549.99

WHAT’S HOT The Deebot comes with precise operating instructions, including a specific first-run procedure. The process includes setting up a Wi-Fi connection to its app, which works with the vacuum to set up a floor plan map using Smart Navi technology for an unobstructed course around your house. Since the mapping has to be set up, you need to follow the vacuum for the initial voyage to make sure it doesn’t get stuck anywhere. You can start with the full course of your home or just a few rooms and add more as you go. The app lets you start and stop the vacuum from anywhere. If you have the Alexa voice assistant close by, you can ask her to start the cleaning.

The Deebot (13.9-by-13.9-by-4 inches, 10.6 pounds) has left- and righthanded rotor brushes to help get most everything in its way. A dust bin collects what you don’t want so you’ll have to empty it like you would any other vacuum.

A base is its home and charging station. If your vacuum road course isn’t finished before the battery runs out, it’s smart enough to return to get a charge and then complete its chore. The run time is about 90 minutes before a charge is needed.

WHAT’S NOT It’s pricey. Then again, it’s invaluable, especially for sweeping up every speck of pet hair — even under the bed.


— Tribune News Service

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