Delta Air Lines said passengers should encounter fewer canceled or delayed flights Thursday as it labors to fully restore its schedule after a power outage this week grounded all service.

“We expect to see continued improvement Thursday and will have an update in the morning,” Delta spokeswoman Elizabeth Wolf said by email.

On Wednesday, the airline said it canceled 317 flights, though about two-thirds of the 3,100 flights that took off left within 30 minutes of their scheduled departure time.

“Canceled flights have declined as the airline moves closer to returning to normal operations,” the airline said in a statement Wednesday.

More than 1,000 flights were canceled Monday after Delta’s Atlanta headquarters lost power at 2:30 a.m., causing extensive problems with its computers that rippled through its systems for three days in a row.

Countless stranded passengers have had to cope with canceled or delayed trips.

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Wolf said the computer problems drove Wednesday’s delays, though she said, the airline had warned of possible weather delays that morning.

At Kennedy Airport, Delta canceled eight flights and delayed 94, according to FlightAware, an internet tracking service. The delays amounted to 30 percent of its flights.

A total of 15 flights were canceled at LaGuardia Airport and 49 were delayed. The delays worked out to 32 percent of the scheduled flights.

The airline is offering $200 in travel vouchers to any customer whose trip was delayed more than three hours or whose flight was canceled. Delta said it gave hotel vouchers to several thousand customers, including more than 2,000 on Monday night in Atlanta.

More than 40 leisure passengers, frequent fliers and business travelers caught a break on the last leg of their trips.

Delta said it enlisted its wholly owned subsidiary, Delta Private Jets, to send those passengers from Atlanta to airports from Kennedy Airport to Los Angeles, using Porsches to ferry them from the Atlanta airport to the Delta Private Jets aircraft.