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Developments in Haiti on Monday

DEATH TOLL DOUBLES. The European Commission's casualty report doubled previous estimates of the dead from the quake, to 200,000, with some 70,000 bodies recovered and trucked off to mass graves. Estimates are 250,000 were hurt and 1.5 million made homeless.

VIOLENCE CONCERNS U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said the United States remains concerned about the possibility of lawlessness and increased violence in Haiti, but is not planning an expanded policing role now.


PRIORITY. UN food agency reaches agreement with the U.S.-run airport in Port-au-Prince to give aid flights landing priority, after the U.S. military was criticized for favoring military and rescue aircraft.

BILL, CHELSEA CLINTON ARRIVE. Ex-president Bill Clinton, as special UN envoy, and daughter Chelsea flew in to offer support.

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