New York State has barred Stan Li, a doctor who was a primary supplier of prescription pain drugs to convicted Medford pharmacy shooter David Laffer, from practicing medicine.

The state Department of Health order charges Li, 57, with violations that include gross negligence, gross incompetence and moral unfitness in connection with care of five unidentified patients between November 2008 and last summer.

The state alleges that Li, who operated a pain clinic in Flushing, failed to address signs of addiction in the patients, appropriately discontinue their use of drugs, or maintain records that accurately reflected the treatment he provided to them.

Li's attorney, Raymond Belair of Manhattan, did not return a phone call seeking comment.

In late November, Li was arrested and charged with multiple counts of criminal sale of a controlled substance and reckless endangerment in connection with his care of a Queens man who died last year of an overdose, three months after he got his last prescription from Li.

Li has pleaded not guilty to the criminal charges.

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A committee of the State Board for Professional Medical Conduct is to hold a hearing on the health department's charges against Li on Feb. 2. At that time, Li's license could be revoked. Or he could be found innocent and allowed to practice.

The hearing is not open to the public.

Newsday has reported that, between October 2009 and June 11, Laffer got over 2,500 pain pills from Li, according to state records. Eight days after getting his last prescription from Li, Laffer executed four people at Haven Drugs on Southaven Avenue while stealing thousands of pain pills. He later pleaded guilty to murder charges and was sentenced to life in prison.

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