2 p.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday at Bridgehampton School.


The district proposes a $14,356,463 budget for 2017-18, a 4.2 percent increase from the current $13,778,439.

The tax levy would rise by 5.54 percent, from $11,960,973 to $12,623,558. This increase is equal to the district’s tax-cap limit, so a simple majority is required to approve the budget.

School taxes on the average single-family home would decrease by 1.04 percent, from $4,220 to $4,176.

The proposed budget includes a 0.75 percent contractual increase plus a variable step increase for teachers. Two co-teaching positions will be added.

Voters also will be asked to approve establishing a five-year capital reserve fund to install a closed-loop geothermal system for $1,275,000. The project will be funded by transferring the remaining balance of $1,097,777 from the district’s current five-year capital reserve fund along with any unassigned and unappropriated fund balances and unexpected appropriations.

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Incumbent Kathleen McCleland and candidate Markanthony Verzosa are running unopposed for two at-large seats. Terms are three years.