Bethpage High School students participated in Challenge Day for the second year, taking a full day to experience and focus on diversity, truth, and full expression. The event was held at the Town of Oyster Bay Ice Skating Center at Bethpage Community Park, across from the high school.

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Students, joined by staff members and parent chaperones, spent the first part of the day skating together and enjoying a group lunch. The next component of Challenge Day involved group activities led by Challenge Day/Be the Change representatives that enabled participants to connect and share positive thoughts through games and other activities. Attendees were also prompted to reflect on and appreciate the positive people in their lives by writing letters to individuals of their choice during special time set aside at the end of the day.

Challenge Day is facilitated by the nonprofit Challenge Day organization and celebrated in schools nationwide. Bethpage High School’s program was coordinated by school social worker Ms. Christine Kennedy and guidance counselor Mr. Jay Benjamin, with funding from the Bethpage Educational