In January, Cross Street Elementary School recently hosted a Pennies for the Planet fundraiser. The fundraiser asked students and staff to donate loose change in an effort to raise money and save an endangered species that is crucial to our planet. Initiated by speech pathologist Celeste McDonald, nurse Marie Sloper and school social worker Maria Emersonn, Project Green was launched after they decided to bring environmental awareness to the school and community. In response, fifth-grade students came to them with this program for helping the environment and saving a species.

Fifth-grade students created collection cartons for each classroom and read facts about the species they selected over the school’s public announcement system. The students chose to donate the collected money to help save the puffins off the coast of Maine. “It sounded like the most interesting animal,” the fifth graders said of their choice. After collecting for several weeks, students finally gathered their donations and counted the coins. In total, the school raised $333.77 in loose change for the plight of the puffins.