2 to 8 p.m. Tuesday at Greenport School.


The district proposes a $18,365,500 budget for 2017-18, a 2.42 percent increase from the current $17,930,820. The tax levy would increase by 3.8 percent, from $13,780,531 to $14,304,000.

This increase is within the district’s tax-cap limit of 3.81 percent, so a simple majority will be required to approve the budget.

The district said it could not provide estimates for school taxes on the average single-family home because it did not have the necessary assessment information. It projects a 3.8 percent increase in taxes on the average single-family home in line with the tax levy increase.

The proposed budget includes a salary increase of 2 percent and a step increase of 2.75 percent for teachers. The proposed budget includes the addition of one teacher and two teacher assistants.

Voters also will be asked to approve a proposition establishing a 10-year, $7.5 million capital reserve proposition called the Facilities Improvement Program 2017 that will cover renovations and upgrades to classrooms, building exteriors, the auditorium and gymnasium, windows and other improvements. Funds are to be transferred into it from surplus general fund money, if any, not to exceed $750,000 a year.


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Incumbent Kirsten Droskoski is running unopposed for one at-large seat. The term is three years.