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How would you do on an '80s Regents history exam?

Students at Earl L. Vandermeulen High School in

Students at Earl L. Vandermeulen High School in Port Jefferson take a Regents exam on June 18, 1980. Photo Credit: Newsday / Bob Luckey

How much do you remember from your high school days? Sure, maybe you can vividly recall what you wore to prom or who won the homecoming game senior year, but what if you were asked to take the Social Studies Regents exam again? We've compiled 10 questions from the June 1987 test.


For which reason did most early 20th century immigrants to the United States settle in large cities?


In the United States, which has done the most to speed the assimilation of immigrant groups?


Which statement best describes a major experience of black Americans in Southern states during the period 1880-1930?


In the United States, informing suspects of their legal rights during an arrest procedure is required as a result of


Which characteristic is most essential to a democratic society?


Which factor contributed most to the rise of the feudal system in Europe?


One advantage to a country of the decline in the value of its currency abroad is that the decline tends to


Which was a significant result of the renewed study of Greek and Roman life during the late medieval period in Europe?


Imperialist nations in the 18th and 19th centuries generally attempted to acquire or control areas that had


Which is the major reason that the United Nations has often been unsuccessful in solving international disputes?


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