WOODBURY - Creative Long Beach residents are helping to raise money to give back to the community.

From T-shirts and jewelry to photos and painted pieces of the boardwalk, all of the items are on sale with the proceeds going to Sandy relief.

The Bring On the Elephants shirts are created by Long Trunks and were inspired by the story of the boardwalk developers who brought elephants to it in the early 1900s.

Those looking to get a piece of the now-destroyed boardwalk can purchase a painted piece by Maureen Cronin, of Boardwalk Angels.

Click on the links below for more information on all of the products. And check out the album on the left for more photos!

Long Trunks Elephant T-Shirts

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Beach Relief shirts by NYSea

Stay Strong Survivor Hoodies by Spectrum Design Foundation

Rejunvenate Long Beach Pendants

Long Beach Photographs - Jennifer Creedy

West End Arts

Boardwalk Angels by Maureen Cronin