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Common Core quiz: How many of these 4th-grade math problems can you answer?

Students take the New York State 2015 Common

Students take the New York State 2015 Common Core test in Sag Harbor, Thursday, April 16, 2015. Photo Credit: Gordon M. Grant

With New York State ready to hand out the Common Core exam this spring, how tough is the test?

See how much math you remember from grade school with these sample questions from the Grade 4 Mathematics Annotated 2014 State Test Questions, from

Note: Some questions have been slightly edited for space.


What is 735,286 rounded to the nearest ten thousand?


In the number 344,586, how many times greater is the value represented by the 4 in the ten thousands place than the value represented by the 4 in the thousands place?


A school has 17 tables in the cafeteria. Each table seats 12 students. What is the greatest number of students that can be seated at these tables?


Which expression represents the number 13,809 written in expanded form?


4 thousands + 3 tens + 5 hundreds is less than which number below?


Which number has a 5 that represents a value ten times greater than the value represented by the 5 in 41,253?


Which statement is represented by the equation 15 × 5 = 75?


Alex bought 2 printer cartridges for $28 each and a printer for $85. He gave the cashier $150. How much change should Alex have received from the cashier?


The figure below has a perimeter of 37 feet. What is the length, in feet, of the unknown side?

Question from the Common Core practice exam.

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Which figure appears to have one right angle?


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