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Rocky Point students shorted one hour on Spanish test

Budget vote information on a Message Baord in

Budget vote information on a Message Baord in front of Rocky Point High School on Rocky Point-MIddle Island Road in Rocky Point on Monday, May 14, 2018. Credit: Joseph D. Sullivan

Testing time was mistakenly cut short for a group of Rocky Point High School students taking their final Spanish exam earlier this week, an administrative mistake that could work out in their favor.

On Monday, 117 Rocky Point students in grades 10-12 were taking the World Language Checkpoint B, a locally designed test used to gauge their proficiency in Spanish, according to the district. Of those, 29 students in one classroom were “mistakenly” provided only two hours to complete the final exam, instead of the full three-hour time period, district Superintendent Michael F. Ring said in an emailed statement.

Most of the students completed the test during the abbreviated time frame, and none in the affected classroom failed the exam, he said.

“Since this is a locally school-designed final exam and not a state-created assessment, the district, like all districts, has the jurisdiction to determine how the exam will be scored and applied for their respective students,” Ring said.

To ensure fairness, the district will score all students’ exams in a pass/fail format — unless the score would improve a student’s average. If it benefits the student, the numerical score will be counted, Ring said. “The final exam is one of many components utilized to calculate a student’s grade-point average and as such does not solely determine a student’s grade.”

The district also will offer a replacement exam for interested students who were not originally given the full three hours, he said.

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