First graders at Charles Campagne Elementary School became “published” authors in December, after completing a Writer’s Workshop sessions held in the classrooms. The children learned, and experienced firsthand, the writing and illustrating processes. The end result was individual, creative stories that students were proud to share.

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The Writer’s Workshop was coordinated as a weeklong activity where children went through the various steps of developing ideas, writing, editing, illustrating, and more. On December 19th, students were paired with buddies from other classes to share their stories during a special celebration attended by guests including Superintendent Mr. Terry Clark, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction and Technology Mr. John DeTommaso, and ELA Director Dr. Mary Hannon. Each child was asked to find at least one compliment to give the author about his/her writing.

The children also presented their work to their families – on January 8th, Mrs. Mitsa Lazaridis’ class invited parents and students read their stories aloud. It was a proud moment for the young authors, as well as their parents and teacher.