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NY: Over 100 counterfeit IDs seized on Long Island last year

A record number of fake IDs were seized in New York last year, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said on Friday, the result of the latest crackdown on underage drinking, which focused on bars, restaurants, alcohol retailers and concert venues.

On Long Island, 108 counterfeit identifications were seized, and 90 arrests were made, Cuomo said in a statement. Of those ID seizures, 72 of them were at Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater, a state official said.

The statewide tally of counterfeit identifications seized in 2018 was 892, up from 814 in 2017, he said. And 922 people got tickets for using either fake IDs or presenting someone else's as their own, Cuomo said. That was up from 843 in 2017.

"Underage drinking often leads to avoidable tragedies, and we will continue these successful enforcement measures to crack down on illegal behavior and ensure the safety of all New Yorkers," Cuomo said.

People who have yet to turn 21 and who present fake IDs or false documents to buy alcohol risk being ticketed and having their driver's licenses revoked for as long as a year, the state says. 

The Department of Motor Vehicles, the State Liquor Authority and other law enforcement agencies spot forgeries with portable machines that emit white, UV or infrared light.

"It goes without saying that New York State has absolutely zero tolerance for underage drinking, and last year's record number of fake ID seizures demonstrates once again that we are deadly serious about tackling this issue," Cuomo said in a statement. 

The DMV now has a mobile computer that speeds ticket processing at large venues, Cuomo said, and works closely with state and local officers to target sweeps, he said. 

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