Hillary Clinton's prospective 2016 presidential campaign has picked up a strong Long Island ally as Nassau's Democratic Party chairman Jay Jacobs was appointed to the Democratic National Committee.

Jacobs, of Laurel Hollow, was among 75 at-large members selected by DNC chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz earlier this month. He will serve a four-year term in the unpaid role.

Jacobs is a longtime Clinton supporter and fundraiser who backed the former first lady's senatorial and presidential campaigns. But, Jacobs said his appointment to the DNC is unconnected to Clinton's plans.

"I wouldn't make assumptions that Hillary has made a decision about 2016," Jacobs said. "But my loyalty is no secret. If [Clinton] asked, I would be in her corner in a heartbeat."

Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill did not respond to a request for comment.

Jacobs, the owner and operator of several upstate camps, was a DNC delegate from September 2008 through June 2012, but lost the role after he stepped down as chairman of the State Democratic Committee.

Jacobs is the second Long Islander -- the other being Democratic National Committeeman Robert Zimmerman -- to serve as a DNC member.

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"Jay will be a strong voice on the DNC for suburban issues," said Zimmerman, the founder and partner of Zimmerman/Edelson Inc., a Great Neck public relations firm.

Jacobs will serve on the DNC's credentials committee, a key group tasked with resolving challenges to the seating of delegates to the convention.

In 2008, the committee refereed a dispute between Clinton and then-Sen. Barack Obama about whether to seat 366 delegates from Florida and Michigan after they broke DNC rules by moving up their primaries.