Guinness, a black Labrador retriever, was rescued Thursday after walking onto a frozen pond and falling through the ice, according to Suffolk police.

Suffolk County Emergency Service Officers Daniel Coan, Gerry Sheridan, Walter Justincic and Michael Simpson responded to a 911 call made by a Lake Ronkonkoma resident around 4 p.m. after she noticed the dog in Spectacle Pond, behind her home.

“We were there within 10 minutes of receiving the call,” Coan said. “As soon as we saw the dog from the shore, we knew we’d have to suit up and go get it.”

Coan, dressed in a neoprene exposure suit, treaded out into the cold water to retrieve Guinness. Sheridan held on to a rope tied to Coan for safety.

“The water was cold, probably just above freezing at this point -- there was still ice covering most of the pond,” Coan said. “It was deep at points too, I had to kick up my feet.”

Coan said he broke the ice covering the pond as he made his way toward the dog, creating a clear path to the shoreline.

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“When I finally got to it, he paddled right into my arms,” Coan said. “He seemed to be in pretty good shape.”

After the rescue, Guinness was returned to its owner, who lives in the surrounding area. The owner was not identified by Suffolk police.