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Has your refund changed because of the new federal tax law?

US 1040 Tax Form

US 1040 Tax Form Photo Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto/altanakin

Long Islanders are finding out exactly how the 600 changes in the tax code affect them. Some are getting cash back. Others are livid because their refunds are a sliver of what they expected. And then there are the ones who are stunned when they learn they owe the U.S. Treasury thousands of dollars.

The New Yorkers who are seeing red can split the blame between themselves and the government, financial experts said.

A good number have been whacked by the government's decision to eliminate or cap a dozen deductions, including a big one for high-tax states like New York — a new $10,000 ceiling on the deduction for state and local property and income taxes, the experts said.

They have been getting more in their paychecks over the past year, but many didn't pay attention to the $30 or $40 in extra cash, one expert said, adding that many of them really are paying less in taxes overall.

Tell us, has your refund changed because of the new federal tax law?

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My wife and I normally got 6-8K in return; this year, 650 return federal and owed 150 to state.

Jack Dean , Coram

I lost 1800.00

Pat Higgins, Ronkonkoma

It has NOT benefited the working middle class.

Jimmy Abrake, Ronkonkoma

I lost a few thousand dollars on my returns this year.

Dan Deegan, Amity Harbor

Not only did I not get a refund. I owe 1200.00

joy Green, Hempstead

People were hailing this as a great achievement but not realizing it was against Long Island's best interest.

Jonathan Meneses, East Rockaway

The real question should be "Did the amount you paid in federal income taxes change?"

Dennis Duca, Bethpage

The new federal tax law did not affect us.

Christine Gietschier, Westbury

We were hurt by the SALT deduction cap.

Allison Randazzo, West Islip

In total I pre paid approximately 1700. With all that I still owe 350.

Adam Loevre, Wading River

Due to the new tax law our federal taxes increased by 3,400 in 2018. Ouch!!!

Chris Dyer, Rocky Point

even with more in pay check don`t add up to what I loss.

John DeVito, N Shirley

If you getting an additional 30-40 dollars more per week yet having to pay an additional tax return to the government that...

Ed Morales, Bayshore

My federal income tax return was halved this year due to the 2018 tax reform act.

Rudy Baptiste, Ronkonkoma

I had 100 more in each paycheck, and had to pay 2000 less to the federal government than last year. Thank you President Trump .

Tim Barbara, Lindenhurst

I usually receive a federal refund but this year I owe 3500. Thank you President Trump. #sarcasm

Dan Moore, Mastic Beach

I have never owed money. This year I owe the Federal and State taxes.

Rosa Torero, Lindenhurst

New law took away 20,000.00 in deductions....#MAGA indeed.

Stephen Barone , Ronkonkoma

The size of the refund means nothing.

Stephen McCarthy, Bay Shore

Went from getting 4K federal to under 350.00 state more around 1k ... I’m sure next year will be just as defeating !

Tina Peck, Kings Park

Tax law eliminated refund for personal vehicle use at my job. I recieved refunds in prior years.

Keith Amato, Middle Island