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Long Island

Woman charged in Hicksville animal cruelty case after dog found dead

A Brooklyn woman faces animal cruelty charges after she double-locked a dog in a crate and then abandoned the animal in the basement of its Hicksville home, Nassau police said Saturday.

The woman moved to Brooklyn in June — and only checked on the dog once all summer — until the stench of its decomposing body led to its discovery and an arrest for animal cruelty, Nassau police said.

Tiffany Adorno, 29, was charged with torturing/injuring animals and abandonment of animals under the Agricultural and Market Law and her arraignment is set for Saturday.

Investigators, who worked with the Nassau County SPCA, initially responded to a 911 call about a foul odor; they also found she had left the apartment in what they called a "deplorable condition."

Meanwhile, the Suffolk County SPCA announced it will be holding its annual rabies vaccination clinic and a free pet food giveaway Sunday, from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. or until supplies run out.

New York State and Suffolk County laws require that all dogs, cats and ferrets be

vaccinated against rabies.

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