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Home for the holidays: Find Long Island's merriest displays

What started out as traditional Christmas decorations outside

What started out as traditional Christmas decorations outside the Sirianni home in Holtsville has now become a lights spectacle, with animatronics and lights galore.  Credit: Corey Sipkin

We can’t all be the Barbieri brothers, the electrifying Deer Park duo vying for best holiday display in ABC’s "The Great Christmas Light Fight." And who wants to fight anyway?

Instead, we advise you pack yourself and your pandemic pod or housemates, if you have any — a young-adult daughter confined at home with mom and dad worked for me — into a vehicle and head out to see Long Island’s holiday displays for yourself. Then you can decide which is the best, or just enjoy the show.

Either way, you can use the map and addresses below to see 16 super-holiday homes across Nassau and Suffolk counties along with 64 others.

While you’re out this year, keep your eyes peeled for displays not marked on our map. And be good guests, maintaining social distance outside fellow Long Islanders’ homes to keep everyone safe. This year, more than ever, we need one another’s help making merry.

As Michelle Jacobs, whose home is featured, put it: "We chose to go bigger this year. We wanted to make it for people to enjoy, since we all need something nice this year. Walking around looking at lights is the safest thing to do and one of the safest ways to do it — you’re standing outside."


Brown family: 56 Ida Lane


Gerbe family: 872 Van Buren St.


Ferraro family: 3872 Hahn Ave.

Fitzpatrick family: 2 Norfolk Lane

Granata family: 178 N. Fifth St.


Beatty family: 163 Grand Blvd.


Loggia family: 10 Laura Dr.


Barragato family: 18 Wichard Blvd.

Pfeiffer family: 17 Rimlet Dr.

Deer Park

Zieris family: 50 Pebble Lane

Dix Hills

Kurkowski family: 3 Chantilly Ct.

East Islip

Lotito family: 45 Grenadier Lane


Albano family: 347 Werns Ave.


Catalano family: 7 Normandy Dr.


Carideo family: 14 Gregory Ct.

Franklin Square

Cardi family: 418 St. John Place

Garden City

Schlatter family: 4 Lincoln St.

Great Neck

Levine family: 1 Highland Ave.


Castagliola family: 62 Crescent St.

Herder family: 50 Haverford Rd.

Ricca family: 452 Division Ave.

Ryan family: 37 Colony St.


Murphy family: 109 Glen Summer Rd.


Nardella family: 4 Blossom Ave.

Sirianni family: 151 Sixth Ave.


Maneri family: 14 Gay Lore Dr.

Huntington Station

Creegan family: 24 Wells Place

Island Park

Barrella family: 39 Brighton Rd.

Kings Park

Esposito family: 8 Colby Dr.

Vasquez family: 11 Alder Dr.


Baffi family: 20 Haymaker Lane

Chirillo family: 22 Crescent Lane

McDonagh family: 162 Southberry Lane

Shea family: 16 Swing Lane

Stevens family: 48 Club Lane


David family: 36 Irene St.

Reiger family: 53 Farragut Ave.

Vezzi family: 240 S.Third St.


Armstrong family: 4 Wagg Ave.


Calise family: 63 Deer Lane

Messina family: 8 Sheila Court


Marte family: 21 New York Ave.

Risolo family: 31 Brockmeyer Dr.

Troy family: 1 Michigan Ave.

Massapequa Park

Enderley family: 144 Koehl St.


Guevara family: 83 Southaven Ave.


Heide family: 2509 Yale Place

Jacobs family: 1586 Hendrickson Ave.

Mount Sinai

Burke family: 15 Old Field Lane

North Massapequa

Oemcke family: 186 N. Syracuse Ave.

Oakland Gardens

Marchione family: 217-30 Stewart Rd.


Beyer family: 2737 Woods Ave.

Ecker family: 38 Merle Ave.

Gross family: 142 Montgomery Ave.

Rossello family: 3286 Messick Ave.

Sitzman family: 144 Weidner Ave.


Cessman family: 67 Engelke St.

Rocklein family: 143 Rowland St.

Rocky Point

Catalano-Steigerwald family: 2 Judith Court


Curto family: 8A Fifth St.


D’Abbraccio family: 745 Arlington Dr.


Chiofalo family: 8 Highview Ave.


Turner family: 18 Thornwood Way


Koerner family: 15 Southgate


Hofmann family: 9 Lincoln Ave.

South Farmingdale

Graziano family: 31 Maynard Dr.

Nemeth family: 288 Van Cott Ave.

St. James

Noce family: 2 Kip Court

Stier family: 10 Arlington Ave.

Valley Stream

Angioletti family: 17 Roeckel Ave.

Loose family: 15 Milburn Rd.


Bruno family: 2947 Mandalay Beach Rd.

Marolda family: 1316 Darby Rd. E.

West Babylon

Osman family: 1101 Herzel Blvd.

West Hempstead

D'Aversa family: 550 Pauley Dr.

Rouzier family: 18 Munson Ave.

West Islip

Imperati family: 40 Pace Dr. S.

Imperati family: 229 W. Third St.


DaSilva family: 16 Kristi Lane

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