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Good Evening
Long Island

How have you changed your daily routine because of the coronavirus?

A coronavirus cell structure concept is seen in

A coronavirus cell structure concept is seen in this image. Credit: Alamy / GrandeDuc

Many New Yorkers are concerned about the coronavirus and are taking steps to protect themselves.

Tell us how you have adjusted your daily routines – from avoiding large gatherings and shaking hands to frequent hand washing.

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Not going to movies or out in public unless necessary.

Aaron Clow, Farmingville, NY

We bought supplies in case we needed to quarantine.

Violet Winspear, Buffalo, NY

I wear a nitrile glove on my right hand on mass transit. I bump elbows with people instead of shaking hands.

Jill Lake, Putnam Valley, NY

More aware of individuals who are sick and I wash my hands more frequently.

Phil Alexander, Brooklyn, New York

end of February stocked up on essential cleaning and food to last 4-6 weeks. did not hoard.

ron sahonick, damascus, md

I have not changed anything other than more hand washing and avoiding a ton of people.

Michael Mirtica, Duluth Minnesota