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James Burke's statement


Through my 31-year career in law enforcement, I have always believed that one must be accountable for one's actions.

It was a foundational tenant of my leadership during the tenure as chief of department. This morning, sir, I stand before you accountable for my actions. I apologize to my family, particularly my mother. This has had a tremendous negative impact on her.

I apologize to Christopher Loeb. I understand that he continues to struggle with difficulties in life. I have seen the ravages of addiction firsthand as both a police officer and now as an inmate for the past 11 months. I sincerely wish him a sustained recovery.

I apologize to the subordinates that I engaged in these acts with. This was, among other things, a misguided and wrongful attempt to protect them and myself. It was a calamitous misdeed.

I apologize to my colleagues who I deceived in the wake of this incident.

I apologize to the men and women of the Suffolk County Police Department. It is my sincere desire that with this sentencing the focus can be on the great deeds and heroic actions that they perform every day and on every tour of duty.

I apologize to the citizens of Suffolk County, the greatest privilege and honor of my life has been to serve the public for 31 years as a police officer. I love my community and I love this country, and my present situation has not diminished that whatsoever.

I apologize to you, your Honor. You have had a long and distinguished career as jurist and I know that I have put you in a difficult position.

I’m sorry for that. I believe in our system of justice and I have faith and confidence in the role of the judge. I humbly ask you to render a reasonable and just sentence.

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