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Newsday headquarters at 6 Corporate Center Drive is

Newsday headquarters at 6 Corporate Center Drive is seen in this photo. Credit: Newsday/John Keating

Now, more than ever before, truth is precious. There is so much noise, deception and bickering out there. What we all need are facts. And honest, straight-down-the-middle reporting.

Newsday is committed to producing journalism that informs, enlightens and empowers Long Islanders.

We’re there on your behalf to shine a light on your local governments, probe corruption and keep a watch on your schools, your neighborhoods, crime and the environment.  

That’s our mission. It’s a proud tradition that has produced 19 Pulitzer prizes and countless other awards for almost 80 years.

Just recently, our massive, three-year investigative report “Long Island Divided” exposed evidence of widespread discrimination against minority homebuyers by real estate agents on Long Island. That’s unacceptable. Everyone deserves a fair shot at achieving the dream of home ownership. And now, as a result of our investigation, something will be done about it.  

This past year we tackled troubling flaws in the system for assessing property taxes in Nassau County, we exposed how unscrupulous businessmen polluted public parks, and revealed how an innocent Long Island man wound up spending decades in prison for a murder he didn’t commit. We have more investigative projects in the pipeline. We won’t stop digging! That is the kind of journalism your subscriptions support.

And just as important as our watchdog role is our mission to help you make the most out of living on our beautiful, exciting island. Whether you’re looking for a new dining hot spot, planning a family vacation, or need guidance with your career or a place to take the kids this weekend, we’re there for you. And it’s all fresh and up-to-the-minute on any platform you choose: phone, tablet, computer or the paper that’s delivered to your home.

But we’re not stopping there. Changes in the news industry are coming swiftly and Newsday is determined to lead the way. That’s why we're investing in a state-of-the-art television studio and a broadcast-equipped theater to deliver more video and multimedia stories that will make your Newsday experience even richer. That’s also why we plan to double the number of Newsday-sponsored live events, including concerts, evenings with authors and celebrities, travel expos, food and wine tastings and more.

None of this would be possible without your subscription support. We are proud to serve you and to be your voice.

On behalf of all of us at Newsday, best wishes for a happy and fulfilling New Year! 


Pat Dolan, President     Debby Krenek, Publisher

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