Marilyn Plotz of Dix Hills, 68. Retired special education teacher


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I was always a Met fan. Still am. It was so exciting back then. We had Ed Kranepool and Tom Seaver.

In the summer of '69, I was living with my family in Massapequa. My son, Douglas, now 42 years old, was being taught his first complete sentence by his grandma, Helen Serota - "Let's go Mets."

When the miracle occurred, an impromptu parade took place along the length of Merrick Road in Massapequa. We were driving up and back loudly honking our horns, screaming and waving. It was my happiest baseball moment since the Dodgers broke my young heart and left Brooklyn.

It was in the afternoon, as I recall. I had dropped my daughter Stacy off at dancing school on Merrick Road. . . . I guess everybody had their radios on. . . . I was just in my car and all of a sudden everybody starts honking their horns and screaming. . . . We drove along Merrick Road. It was spontaneous. Everybody went crazy. We went down Hicksville Road, turned around and drove back. It was a spontaneous celebration of drivers. Everybody was ecstatic.

I think most people were Met fans back then, especially on Long Island. We were just so happy. It really redeemed us from losing our team [the Dodgers]. Douglas is still cheering for the Mets and is teaching his 2-year-old son how to say, "Let's go Mets."