Michael Urell, 65, Kennebunkport, Me., Retired teacher


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In the summer of 1969, I was stationed on the USS Fort Mandan in Little Creek, Va., but I did manage to follow the Mets. When I was on leave for a short time that summer, I attended with my stepfather, the famous "black cat" game against the Cubs. And when I was on the ship, I did my best to follow games on my transistor radio. I had to wait until sunset to begin to get the signal . . . in New York, and I remember following Tom Seaver's one-hitter in July while standing watch one night on the quarterdeck.

For the final game of the World Series, I worked out an arrangement where I was able to watch at the Cocodrilla Club on base over a few beers with some fellow Met fans. I did everything I could to get off the ship that day. I watched the whole game and the celebration afterward.