- Ed Ferrier of Sayville recalls how he met his wife, Kerry.

In January 1981, I drove home to Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn, after a day of skiing upstate and then went to a neighborhood party with a friend. I was 21. The party was a bummer and I used the excuse of being tired from my long day of skiing to gracefully exit. In truth, I was tired, but my friend had a Plan B in mind. He wanted to go to a bar on Flatbush Avenue in Marine Park called Nana Daly's. I wanted no part of it, but he persuaded me to go.

When we got to the bar, the bouncer wouldn't admit me because I was wearing sneakers. Many of the local bars had dress codes, but only for guys. I said, "Oh well, I have to go home," but my friend, with some fabricated story, persuaded the bouncer to let me inside. I just wanted to go home, really.

Then three girls walked in, all wearing sneakers! One of them was Kerry. She was there with her sister and a friend. She had on dungarees, white Nike running sneakers and a black polyester bubble-type coat with dark maroon cuffs rolled up at the wrists. Her hair was blonde, short and spiked. I was immediately attracted to her. I wanted to strike up a conversation, but she was always talking to someone else. Kerry is very gregarious and enjoys being with people.

I managed to get introduced to the three of them. However, Kerry wasn't interested in my banter and idle conversation. I was frustrated and desperate when my opportunity presented itself. Kerry went to the bathroom, alone. I followed and waited outside. When she came out, I swooped down on her and threw on some charm. We chatted, uninterrupted, the rest of the night. I forgot I was tired. Kerry was 22 and lived in Marine Park.

Kerry and Ed Ferrier on their wedding day, April 26, 1986. Photo Credit: Ferrier family

Before we left, she gave me her telephone number on a piece of bar coaster. I called her the next day and we went to dinner at Cookie's Steakhouse in Kings Plaza. She was wearing white overalls and those same Nike sneakers.

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We were married on April 26, 1986. In 1994, we moved from Brooklyn to Sayville. Kerry is a registered nurse in Smithtown. I'm a chief officer with the New York City Fire Department. Twenty-nine years of marriage, two great kids and we're still going strong.

Coincidentally, Kerry didn't plan on going to Nana Daly's that night, either. She and her sister were on a mission to find their friend's brother and escort him home. You never know when fate will intervene. Happy 29th anniversary, Kerry!