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LOVE STORY / They Found Romance On the Bounding Main

Fate had Pete Galindez and wife, Sibel, nee Ergener, leave

Long Island to find love. Sibel explains.

Pete and I met in July 1999 out at sea aboard the USS John C. Stennis, a

naval aircraft carrier stationed out of San Diego. He was serving as the No. 2

Judge Advocate General officer or JAG for short. Pete is a lawyer and can serve

as either lawyer or judge. I was on board for three days while shooting the

opening 1999 season episodes of the CBS television drama "JAG." I play a

recurring role, "Skates," a radar intercept officer on an F14 plane. Pete was

assigned the task of escorting some of the cast and crew around the carrier.

Once Pete and I started talking we didn't stop for the entire three days! I was

very curious about the ship and, during free moments, Pete would give me tours

and explain operations. When it came time to leave, we exchanged an awkward

goodbye. Before leaving, though, I had gotten another JAG's e-mail address and

wrote to her asking that she pass my address along to Pete. He would be out at

sea for another six weeks and through our many e-mail letters we really got to

know each other on a deep, intimate level. Our first date was in September 1999

and Pete proposed to me that December before going on a six-month deployment

to the Persian Gulf. We were married on April 29, 2001, in St. James. We now

live in Bristol, R.I. Pete teaches at the Naval Justice School. I'm teaching at

the Navy pre-school and still appear in the television series. The funny thing

is, I'm from Woodbury and Pete's from Brentwood, but we had to go to out to

sea off the California coast to meet each other.

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