Long Island’s regional finalists in the Siemens science competition and their research projects:

Shaunak Bakshi, 16, and Peter Massey, 17, Manhasset High School: team project measuring antioxidants’ potential effect in slowing impact of Alzheimer’s disease in fruit flies.
Ruoyi Jiang, 17, Ward Melville High School, Setauket (Three Village district): simulated molecular alterations that would prevent cancer cells from developing resistance to chemotherapy.
Michelle Leonetti, 17, Long Beach High School, and Salonee Shah, 17, W. Tresper Clarke High School, East Meadow: team project searching for an ideal biological scaffold on which to grow skin tissue for burn victims.
David Park, 17, Herricks High School: part of a team project modeling the binding of antibodies to envelope proteins in order to block the hepatitis C virus from entering liver cells.
Joshua Pfeffer, 17, North Shore Hebrew Academy High School, Great Neck: generalized a geometric flow equation, known as the Ricci equation, to spaces known as super manifolds, which are crucial to string theory.
Aneesh Sampath, 16, Ward Melville High School: part of a team project that used cyclic voltammetry and a novel nanotechnology-based approach to obtain fundamental electrochemical and quantum mechanical data for dioxygen.
Kevin Zhao, 17, Ward Melville High School: simulated removal of damaged DNA by an enzyme, work that may lead to development of anti-cancer drugs.