Renowned artist Elaine Faith Thompson, 69, has painted regional golf courses, and the United States Golf Association has again commissioned her to paint a work of art for a U.S. Open tournament on Long Island. The Bohemia resident has been invited to commemorate the 2013 U.S. Women's Open at Sebonack Golf Club in Southampton from June 27-30.

What's special about this U.S. Open?

I like to honor women and golf on Long Island. I had done a painting of a woman over at Timber Point (Golf Course) to commemorate women.

Describe the design.

It has the water views of the Peconic Bay on the side, so the design is a long-distance shot of the golf course in the background. . . . The middle portion is a close-up of the club house with every single detail in it, and then there is also a painting of the trophy, and the logo is on there.

How long will it take to paint?

It takes months. When I originally said this would take a month, that's before the design had been changed (at USGA's request) -- it had been changed to put these very complex paintings in it.What will be the sale price of the original?

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Favorite Open painting?

The 2009 U.S. Open painting (at Bethpage) was my favorite because the little boy in there is my grandson. But I didn't use my grandson because he's my grandson, I used him because he's a good model.