BAYPORT - The Long Island Power Authority says more than 907,000 of its customers are in the dark as of 3:30 a.m. Tuesday.About 80 percent of LIPA customers are without power. It marks a grim milestone for the utility, according to Newsday: the outages surpass the previous record of 750,000 set during Hurricane Gloria back in 1985. LIPA warns it may take up to 10 days to restore power to all customers. It's urging residents to be patient as it works to clean up in Sandy's wake. Although much of Sandy's rains have subsided, it is still packing hurricane-force winds that could knock out power to even more customers. LIPA says it will not send out crews until the worst of the winds have passed.Photo credit: Viewer Hitesh in Setauket.If your power goes out have your radios ready. You can get News 12 Long Island on one of these three Stations:WHLI 1100AMKJOY 98.3FMB-103 103.1FMTo report an outage to LIPA:Call 1-800-490-0075Text OUT to 695472LIPA outage mapLIPA urges patience in dealing with outagesShelters/Emergency information