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Frustrated LIRR riders use social media to vent -- and joke -- about delayed commutes

Commuters wait for a train at the Long

Commuters wait for a train at the Long Island Ronkonkoma train station on Wednesday, Sept. 2, 2015. Credit: James Carbone

Long Island commuters gave Twitter a workout yesterday morning, as they stood on crowded platforms or fumed on halted trains during a major LIRR service suspension.

So many tweets were sent that by about 10:30 a.m. the hashtag #lirr topped Twitter's trending list nationally, and an hour or so later, still reigned supreme on the New York trending list.

The social media messages started out as a collective exercise in venting, but before long a dash of humor was added to the mix.

"My commute was so long the guy next to me lost all his hair ... or maybe he was bald when we started. I'm sticking with the first one #LIRR." -- @Lundy330.

Then later: "I've never been so relieved to enter the East River tunnel in my life. #LIRR #congratsOnSuckingAsAMonopoly."

"If a tree falls in the forest, it may or may not make a sound, but one thing's for sure... It will delay the #LIRR. #TryingToBeZen -- @ICanC4Isles

"#LIRR's social media intern right now" (photo of comedian Kevin Hart looking astonished). -- @TrivWorks

On Facebook, Holly Munter Koenig of Westbury used the #LIRR hashtag and #StoppedDeadInQueens, posting photos of mobbed platforms. But a coping mechanism soon emerged with "#DeserveChocolateToday."

"I feel like the next #HungerGames should be set on the #LIRR. Give me some survival tips I can actually put to use!" -- @HollyGoFreely

Entertainment site E! Online got in on the action, tweeting: "Stranded thanks to #LIRR delays? Pass the time with these handsome fellas," linking to a gallery of "hottest men" photos from upcoming films.

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